I write for various lifestyle magazines including "Town and Country Farmer", "Grass Roots", "Warm Earth", "Australian Deer", "Gippsland Country Life"

Deer in Velvet (featured in Town and Country Farmer)

"Twenty-five years of experience were distilled into a couple of hours recently, when I visited Ross and Diane Lawrence on their 90-acre farm in the rolling hills of Gippsland, Victoria.

The Lawrences breed Elite Red Deer, from which they harvest deer velvet for use in
traditional and natural medicine. Their knowledge and experience is immense and
while I was there, they generously shared a little of it with me."


An Organic Enterprise - Sunny Creek Berry Farm (featured in Town and Country Farmer)

"Sunny Creek berry farm in Gippsland, Victoria has been certified organic for quarter of a century; that’s 25 years of sustainable production.

It’s an  impressive enterprise that has much to teach anyone embarking on organic production."


Heirloom Pigs (featured in Town and Country Farmer)

"The hardy coloured breeds of pig are ideally suited to small mixed farms, but they have been neglected for about forty years. Since the commercial pig industry went indoors and went intensive, producers have demanded white, slimline pigs, docile animals that will accept confinement. Specialist breeders developed hybrids that grow quickly. Striped, spotted, ginger and black pigs were out."


Mohair from heritage goats (featured in Town and Country Farmer)

"It’s a great idea to produce fibre from your own farm, whether from sheep, goat or rabbit. This has been a rather neglected aspect of self sufficiency, but it’s less demanding than growing your own milk or meat. Of course the animals still need care, but fibre processing can be done any time – traditionally in the dark winter evenings.."



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