There are nine novels to date. They are nineteenth century tales of country life, with a little crime, mystery and romance to liven things up.

The Historical Novels Review comments:
‘A beautifully written story… reading it was an escape into adventure.’
‘A fascinating glimpse into the way of life of those earlier days.’

They are published in hardback format and also in a large print edition
Australian Novels

Haunted Creek

This is my first Australian novel. It concerns the lives of settlers in the area where she now lives in Gippsland, Victoria.

The Australian bush in 1875 is a challenge for strong men. This story is based on research in the Tanjil Valley area of Gippsland and deals with the life of a young couple settling on the land, surrounded by the immense, silent forest.

Luke and Rose have fifty acres of forest to clear by hand, but Luke is restless and goes off to earn money elsewhere.  Rose is left in a bark hut with an earth floor, to face the spiders.  Much worse are the menacing ‘eucy men’, the sinister Lord Barrington and the mysterious dark people of Haunted Creek.  Then Luke is killed – or did he really die?

available in large print format   Available as an

Raven's Gold

My second Australian novel which will be available from 31st December 2013

The focus here is on the small goldfield of Tangil in Gippsland.  In the nineteenth century a community lived here, but it is now  covered by the waters of the Blue Rock reservoir.

Jane Ashby enjoys a civilised life in Bendigo, but her father and brother decide to become gold prospectors. Jane has to cope with the rough and dusty goldfield, as well as her brother’s rough-looking friend Angus Duncan.  Her life is also disrupted by a gang of bushrangers, led by Lord Raven, a charming and ruthless English aristocrat.

available in large print format

Yorkshire Novels

These stories are set in and around the villages of Kirkby Malzeard and Grewelthorpe (called Kirkby and Thorpe in the books) and  the little town of Masham, all real places about 50 kilometres from the city of York.  Members of my family have lived here for over 100 years and I grew up in Yorkshire with stories of life in ‘the old days’.

Poachers Moon

When nursemaid Kate Cooper rescues poacher William Thorpe from a mantrap on her employer’s land, they are unaware of the consequences of this meeting.

On the night of the poacher’s moon, matters come to a head and passion and disaster collide at the Wiggins mansion.


available in large print format

Shadows on the Moor

When Amy Appleton starts working for Ben, a gloomy farmer with a tragic past, she tries desperately to cheer him up. But the cattle plague is raging and his sheep are stolen.

Meanwhile, the cheery, carefree Patrick falls in love with Amy, but soon dark forces on the moor cast long shadows over their lives. Amy, Patrick and Ben all face death unless the lurking evil can be overcome…

available in large print format

Deep Waters

'Industry in Yorkshire is booming and the cities are expanding. This growth will come at a price; which of two rural valleys in Nidderdale will be dammed and flooded to quench the cities' thirst? 

Rachel Garnett is determined to fight for her lovely valley and their way of life.





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