Lorraine's Story

Lorraine Bartling, OAM is the subject of a biography published by Quantum Support Services. I was commissioned to write ‘Lorraine’s Story’, to inspire young people, particularly women, to take part in public life and to ‘get things done.’ Lorraine was elected as a local government councillor in Traralgon, Victoria and was Mayor three times.

This project was commissioned by a consortium, led by Quantum Support Services and all proceeds are to go to a trust fund to help a nurse or social worker to gain further qualifications.

(Publication date 8th March 2013.)



History of Toongabbie School - written by invitation

Current research: the history of the Tanjil Valley communities since 1972.  I am helping with a local project instigated by Hill End Community Inc. 

The aim is to update the previous local history book, The Changing Years, published in 1972.


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