Hello and welcome to my website.

I live and write in the country, on an upland farm in Victoria, Australia with wide views. My husband Neville and I manage our Angus cattle in a sustainable regime, on grass all the year round, with hay in winter.

We both come from farming families and have milked a lot of cows in our time, but beef cows don’t have to be milked, thank goodness. The cows suckle their calves for about ten months, then have a rest after weaning until they calve again.

With a degree in history and literature and a diploma from an agricultural college, I specialise in nineteenth century rural life in my novels.  My non-fiction books also have a flavour of the past. Now, many people are interested once more in making  their own cheese and butter, curing hams and cultivating vegetable gardens. It’s all still possible and a lot of fun, as you will see from my books.

I was born in Yorkshire and came to Australia over twenty-five years ago.  I have always been a writer, producing training manuals for farmers as part of my work in adult education.

My brother Peter and his wife Irene are developing our farm in Yorkshire as a nature reserve and a teaching facility for school groups. - www.limetreefarm.co.uk


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